15 April 2008

Sophisticated Cocktail, Anyone?

Hello, urbane citizen. Do you enjoy a distinguished cocktail? Then you might enjoy The Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge, located on sunny Eighth Avenue near 37th Street.

Or maybe not. Hey, I love dive bars, but this is one even I avoid. This is the kind of bar where innocent men get shot by undercover cops looking for drug dealers.

Still, you gotta love that ridiculous name. The Wakaba, fyi, are a tribe in Kenya.


Brooklyn Salt said...

I love this place. Mrs Salt and I used to frequent this spot regularly after we were finished checking our garments in the nearby factories.

Anonymous said...

As an Aries, I'm not sure I can go into a Pisces establishment anyway :-) I pass by on my way to the Garden for NYR games and the awning always cracks me up.

Mark Lee said...

Truly one of the last bastions of the old seedy Eighth Avenue. I used to work down the block from this place, and my coworkers and I would always joke about having drinks here (and sometimes actually doing so).

This reminds me of a joke about this particular neighborhood: With all the adult video stores on Eighth Ave near the Port Authority Bus Terminal, it always puzzled me why no enterprising businessman opened such a store called the "Porn Authority."