27 July 2008

Cemusa: Beautifying Our City

Whose responsibility is the upkeep of the City's new bus shelters? I know the Spanish company Cemusa put them here, winning the right to do so after stuffing a billion or so into Mayor Mike Success-o-Manic City Hall. But what happens after they've been propped up and slapped silly with ads? Is the City supposed to give 'em a hose-down every now and then? Is Cemusa supposed to fly over task forces once a week?

I ask this after sitting recently in a bus shelter on Columbia Street, Brooklyn, waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the B61. The glass walls were filthy. They looked like they hadn't been cleaned in weeks. Pieces of tape remained stuck to some panels where flyers had once been posted. Dirt and debris had fallen on the translucent ceiling.

You can't tell from looking at this armrest (below), but it's loose. I give it another two weeks before it falls off or is ripped off. I knew when I saw these slick pieces of goods go up that they were the products of flashy design, but shoddy craftmanship.

And some more complaints while I'm at it: who decides what goes where on these ugly ad boxes. Here's a window on the side taken up by a piece of white paper that says "MTA." Very informative. Why not put a bus schedule there instead? Wouldn't that be useful?

And when the big panel of a Cemusa shelter isn't taken up by a paid ad for a movie or IKEA or something, why must it be occupied by an ad for Cemusa instructing people where to call to advertise? I'm sure if a business really wants to paste its ads on a Cemusa shelter, they'll know who to call. They're figure it out. In the meantime, can't the space be used in a less repulsive way? Just a thought.


Unknown said...

I hate these shelters! No matter what the temp is I feel like I'm melting inside them. The frosted top turns them into ovens. :(

Nokorola said...

Bus shelters are almost always horrible, and who designed the ads to call and advertise? Talk about repulsive.

Anonymous said...

Whose idea was it to install bus shelters that don't provide shelter from sun, rain or wind?

KSx said...

I did see one Cemusa van at a "bus shelter" last week, on 14th St. at Third.

Not sure what the driver was doing, but the van was blocking the bus zone.

Anonymous said...

2 points
1) call 311 to report a dirty bus stop CEMUSA is in charge of cleaning and maintaining.
2) shoddy construction? you can thank Union workers.

Sybil cuma said...

On Monday night Cemusa sent their cleaning contractor Shelter Express to clean the Columbia Street bus shelters--and they did a pretty good job.

Then I noticed on Tuesday that Shelter Express was back again with lots of cleaning trucks. They spent hours cleaning and polishing the bus shelters. They were spotless after they were finished.

Sometimes the squeaky wheel...

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, buses are lousy and S L O W; why would anyone want to wait for one of these losers in a depressing oven/freezer (depending on the season)?