25 July 2008

News About the Minetta Lane Tavern

Some new news about the historical Minetta Tavern, which is getting a new lease on line and a redesign courtesy of restaurateur Keith McNally. Many have been concerned about how respectful McNally would be of the tavern's timeless interior and old-world architecture.

This early report from Ken Mac of Greenwich Village Daily Picture is rather encouraging:

Spoke to the guy out front doing renovations; they are going to restore the facade to resemble its original design, with bay windows and wood trim detail below. Also, they uncovered two beautiful columns that have apparently been covered since the mid 70s.

They have also removed the old neon from the classic sign, hopefully with the intention of putting new neon in its place.

The photos here are courtesy of Ken.


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They need to treat this with reverence. Let's hope they do!