03 February 2010

City Says Nuts to Nuts Shops

The Times' Diane Cardwell pays homage to that lost breed of New York shop, the fresh nut store. According to the article, the only place in New York were you can still get fresh, roasted nuts is SP's Nuts and Candy on Church Street in lower Manhattan.

The nut biz has been gobbled up by the supermarkets and online stores, with rising rents and a fleeing customer base also blamed. Recent fatalities in the trade include Broadway Nuts on 80th Street and Candy World in TriBeCa. (Nut shops often sold candy as well.) The famous and beloved Economy Candy on the Lower East Side used to roast, but no longer. Owner Jerry Cohen said it was too much of a bother, what with the City bothering him about this and that and the o other thing.

SP is run by one Michael Yeo, who used to run a laundry business on Staten Island, and doesn't even like nuts. Take a look at the article. It's a good read, if sad.

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Gar said...

I just read this article too. I pray his business would survive. Sad to hear about his daughter's disease as well. Must be tough for his family.