11 February 2010

This Is Progress

When the price of a pizza slice zoomed past $2.50 a year or so ago, I was furious. Rising cheese and wheat costs were blamed. When the prices stayed high, even though cheese and wheat prices dipped, I was livid. But the recession seems to be bringing the greedy pizzerias back to their senses. $5 lunch specials (2 slices and a soda) are rampant. And just today, I say a couple places advertising $99 slices. This shop in the Village let the people know in illuminated lights! Yeah!


Jill said...

Two Bros is perfecting the dollar slice marketing strategy. Now if they could slightly improve the pizza, it would be a home run.

blossomhats said...

you mean 99 cent not $$$

Addie said...

There's a Dollar Pizza place near where I work (Sixth Avenue between 17th & 18th Streets). Really, it's not bad at all. It's just plain pizza ($1.50 for a pepperoni slice - the only topping option offered), but really fresh due to the fact they do such a brisk high volume business because of the low price. As I see it, it sure as hell beats out the more expensive fancy-topped reheated slices sold elsewhere that are cut from pies that have been sitting around for hours on end.