08 February 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

The apartment of the late actress/hostess Ruth Ford, at one of whose salons Stephen Sondheim met Arthur Laurents, and thus began Sondheim's glorious career with "West Side Story," is on the block. Unfortunately, Ford doesn't seem to have had the best of taste, decorating wise. [Curbed]

Norah Jones gets her friggin' seven new windows in her landmarked Cobble Hill home. Now watch how she keeps the shades drawn on them all the time to protect her celebrity privacy. [Brownstoner]

The Launch Box looks at upper Second Avenue now and then. When was it better? Then.

Ephemeral New York finds photos of some Manhattan homes I just might be able to afford.

The Bay Ridge United Methodist Church congregation, which stupidly OK's the destruction of the beautiful Green Church, will not get a new church as promised. Poor, dumb suckers. [Bay Ridge Journal]

EV Grieve finds some neat old photos of the corner of Fourth Street and Bowery.

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