05 February 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

JVNY Checks in on Chumley's and finds out—guess what!?—nothing's happening.

Totonno's Pizzeria will finally reopen on Feb. 10 [Slice via Eater].

The owners of the Chelsea Hotel ruined Bob Dylan's old room, and now they're messing with Arthur Miller's.

Ephemeral NY serves up some classic diner signs.

Scouting NY readers have a lot of ideas where in New York some guy should propose to his girlfriend, including: the abandoned subway tunnel under Atlantic Avenue, to get that dim romantic lighting just right; the Roosevelt Island Tramway, for that tantalizing touch of danger; Gowanus Canal, in order to show her the relationship can't go anywhere but up from here; Castle Clinton, so their love gets optimal tourist exposure; and that spot in Grand Central where you can talk to each other from way across the room. Intimate!

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