12 February 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

A history of Village landmark and fire victim Village Paper. [JVNY]

The unending and seemingly inexhaustible battle to save Ray's Candy Shop continues with a new delivery service. So do they deliver egg creams? Is that even possible? [EV Grieve]

Edgar Allan Poe is remember in the Bronx by not an avenue or a street, but a dead-end alley. [Forgotten NY]

The putzes that own the wonderful pre-War Lincoln Building on 42nd Street renamed it, with spot-on Donald-Trump-taste, One Grand Central Place, yanked the bronze plaques of the Gettysburg Address and Second Inaugural from the walls (who the hell cares about that stuff?), and evicted the Daniel Chester French statue of Lincoln from the lobby. Morons. Fred C. Posniak of W&H (Wankers and Hooligans) Properties said, unctuously, "It confirms the building's reputation as the premier prewar trophy property within the Grand Central district." Whatsamatter, Fred? The name of Lincoln wasn't bringing in enough cash-a-roony? [City Room]

Jerkizoid developers want to tear down the 101-year-old former Sheepshead Bay home of pioneering cartoonist Winsor McCay. And put up condos. Of course they do! That's what you do in this loser, soulless city. [Sheepshead Bites]

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