08 February 2010

Winn Discount Finished Remodeling and Looks—Exactly the Same

For the past couple months, Cobble Hill's irreplaceable variety store, Winn Discount, slowly winnowed out its stock, announcing with big signs in the windows a "storewide remodeling." The process seemed to take forever, but recently the signs were taken down and the shelves restocked. And the place looks—exactly the same.

Same aisle set-up, same sort of merchandise, and all kept in the same places they were before as far as I can tell. Plastic containers in the first aisle, toys and party supplies in the last aisle, etc. It's cleaner and more organized, that's for sure. But remodeled? I don't think so. Which is good news for those who worried that the old-school place would loose its small-town soul in the revamp.

Anyway, glad to have the place back in full-throttle business.

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