13 February 2010

Totonno's Pizzeria Finally Reopens!

After 11 months of being out of commission, and many promises to open next week, next month, soon, etc., Totonnos Pizzeria of Coney Island has finally reopened. Feb. 12 was the day and professional pizza east Adam Cuban was, of course there. Apparently, the place looks the same as before, except the great black and white checkered floor is gone. Thank God. No verdicts on the quality of the pizza yet.

These splendiferous photos are from Nick Sherman, who hightailed it down there and saw and ate first hand. Thanks, Nick!


Blayze said...

Just got around there today, and the pizza was as delectable as ever. The rich mixture of cheese and tomato, and the old school family vibe have thankfully been preserved. I'd say it is in essence, the best classic Neapolitan New York style pizza in Brooklyn, if not the city itself. Nothing too fancy, but just right and without any excess grease. I suggest you head on down when you can.

Matthew said...

Brooks, usually things you post here make me :-(

This, however, makes me very :-)