17 February 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

The idgits who run the beautiful Upper West Side West-Park Presbyterian Church are actually angry about the pile of bricks being recently landmarked. They're actully trying to get the Landmarks Commission to overturn the designation, complaining about "marauding preservationists." (Oh, they're just the worst, aren't they?) One things for sure: this City will never be free of short-sighted Philistines. [Observer]

East Village cocktail bar Death & Co. has a cold-hearted new doorman. [EV Grieve]

The worst, most egotistical, most nauseating, absolute-indictment-of-mankind sign in town. [Scouting NY]

Nice shot of A&A Coffee shop in SoHo, with a very familiar-sounding headline. [Greenwich Village Daily Photo]

Remembering the San Remo. I personally never forgot it. Wish I could have gone just once. [Ephemeral NY]


Queens Crapper said...

More upsetting to me is the arbitrary and capricious nature of the LPC's designation of this church, while other potential religious landmarks in the outer boroughs have been rejected on grounds that the congregation didn't want it/couldn't afford it.

Upper West Side 1, Bay Ridge 0.

Emily B. said...

I marginally understand the congregation's point...they say they're trying to get repairs and renovations done and landmark status does make it harder and more expensive. Still, wouldn't landmarked status be something they could use as leverage to raise funds to do the renovations right, in a way that would honor the historic nature of the church? It's such a gorgeous church; I'm sad every time I walk by it to see the construction awning still up, the facade still crumbling, and no apparent human life to the place. I think they clearly need some major help with taking decent care of it.