26 February 2010

The Green Mystery of Onderdonk Avenue

It seems to be the week of unsolved mystery buildings here at Lost City. Here's a corner structure in Ridgewood Queens, at Onderdonk and Stockholm, whose defining aspect seems to be that it's very, very green. (And, also, rather interesting looking.)

But look closer and you see that that heavy coat of green paint has helped conceal a number of Jewish stars. (And, uh, four-leaf clovers.)

So, what this a religious building in the past? A synagogue, maybe? I can find no evidence of such a past. Right now, there's garment work going on inside. This is the address of PH Knitting Mills and Michael's Sportswear and who knows what else.

The building is right across the street from the towering St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

maybe it was the synagoge of that very rare community of Irish Jews?

Anonymous said...

Green Mystery; Renovated our home (200 feet away). Found in ceiling on 2nd floor a green bottle with the Star of David. Could the building have been a brewery? Still have the bottle but can't make out all the initals; small b, large N over an A followed by Co.

Anonymous said...

It is not the Star of David but is called the "brewer's star". A custom brought over from Europe that indicated purity in the products used to brew.