11 February 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Totonno's delays its reopening—again! [Slice, via Grub Street]

The historic Fraunces Tavern is closing! Wait, no it's not! Wait, we don't really know. [NY Post]

SUVs ruin everything, even Gray's Papaya. [Eater]

The New York State Senate does a rare, right thing: it's expels Senator Hiram Monserrate by a vote of 53-8. Monserrate is the first Senator to be kicked out of Albany in a century. Of course, the immoral, arrogant ass is going to fight the decision and maybe even run in the special election in March. If he cared anything for propriety and anything other than himself, he would have resigned a long time ago. The man's a sociopath. [Queens Crap]

The City announced that Bloomberg's idiot experiment to turn Times Square into a hideous trailer-park back lawn will now become permanent. Because everyone likes it so much? No. Because Bloomberg does what he likes with the City and never admits he wrong about anything and a certainly never listens to any voice other than his own nasal, annoying one. [City Room]

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Ed said...

I'll defend the pedestrian plazas, even though I didn't like the idea at first and have never liked Bloomberg. Apparently its easier to walk around the area. I've worked in the area and walking around was a nightmare when I worked there, people brought lunches in bags to the office in the morning to avoid having to go outside for lunch (the office relocated and everyone leaves the building for lunch again).

I think people don't like any part of the city, but particularly Times Square, become a tourists only area, iike FIsherman's Wharf. I'm sympathetic to that. At least Fisherman's Wharf is out of the way from the rest of the city. One problem with the banalization (a French term, used to describe an unfortunately similar process happening in Paris) of Times Square and Union Square is that they are central places, so natives have to pass through one or the other periodically.