25 February 2010

Loss of a Good Sign

On 37th Road, near 74th Street, in Jackson Heights, there used to be a music store. It was quite noticeable, because above it was this wonderful sign, a huge neon guitar about 10 feet tall. I loved that sign.

I strolled by the block a couple months ago and was dismayed to see that it was gone. The business there now is Bhim's Cafe. I could tell it was a the same address because the metal riggings that held up the sign are still there, even if the sign is now.

I can't find out much about the music show, except that it was called E&C Trading Inc. Such a remarkable sign, you'd think there'd be photos of it all over the internet. But there aren't. And I stupidly never took one. Any out there have a photo of that sign? The address was 74-10 37th Road.

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