24 February 2010

A Perfect Storefront: Jr. & Son

This Williamsburg storefront very aptly expresses the nature of this business: an old neighborhood bar that doesn't want to attract too much unneeded attention. Tan brick, brown awning, brown door, small windows. Not even a phone number on the awning, or something telling hours of operation. The only touch of whimsy are the martini glass silhouettes on the awning. That is, unless you count the name, in which a man named Jr. has a Son, which is sort of like saying Jr. & Jr.


Happy Cuties said...

yeah this place doesn't have its hours posted because it is basically never opened and even when it appears to be open you don't go inside because its only for like 5 locals and they will let you know you aren't welcome. with their eyes. one of the few real italian joints left around here.

Ken Mac said...

did you partake in this joint?

Ed said...

If a son takes the same name as his father, then he puts a Jr. after. If he has a son and gives that son the same name, then the grandson gets a III after his name and so on. I've known IVs in my life (I used to know alot of New England WASPs).

Or the Jr. could have a son, and give the son a different name. In which case, yes, its Jr. and son. That is probably the case here.