01 October 2007

The Brooklyn Inn Is Fine; Owner Not So Much

We've wrung our hands a bit over the fate of the beloved Brooklyn Inn of Boerum Hill during the past six months or so, beginning when rumors surfaced that the grand old corner tavern—one of the finest specimens of Little Olde New York drinking emporia in existence—was going to close or be bistro-fied.

None of those rumors proved true. And, according to a long, vociferous e-mail sent by the Brooklyn Inn's owner Jason Furlani to Eater, none of them will ever turn out to be true. Furlani sure is fed up with all the speculation surrounding his place. And, man, does he hate bloggers.

Since I guess I'm one of the "idiots who have contributed to the `Brooklyn Inn Conspiracy' that have no idea what the fuck you're talking about," I feel I should respond. First, I'd like to point out that, grammatically, I'm actually one of the idiots WHO have no idea what I'm talking about." Second, I'd like to remind Mr. Furlani that, over the past few years, bloggers like myself have watched some of our favorite New York City bars and restaurants go "poof," victims of greedy developers and businessman (now there are the speculators you should be hating!), never to be seen again. So, naturally, we're jumpy as cats! We hear one wisp of a rumor that yet another cherished, ur-NYC hangout is about to fall, and we assume the worst. Hence, the wildfire gossip mill.

Not exactly a defense of our behavior, mind you. But an explanation.

Third, I'd like to tell Mr. Furlani that he should not be so naive as to imagine that he runs a business. He runs a legend. He runs a piece of New York's heritage. He may think he's answerable only to himself when he considers making changes to the Brooklyn Inn. He's not. Put some beer nuts on the bar and you're going to get a reaction. Maybe an overreaction. But don't be disingenuous and imagine people don't care. You're not running a faceless Bennigan's.

Finally, about Mr. Furlani's final paragraph: "I have - and will AGAIN, maintain - that if you want to know what's going on with the Inn, come on down and ask ME. I'm there. I'll gladly answer any and all questions that you (or the dumb-ass conspiracy geek that keeps blindly posting this putrid bunk) may want to know. Come on down and talk to me face-to-face...but we all know - that ain't gonna happen."

I hereby promise that Lost City will, in future, check in with you before before posting any new news about the Brooklyn Inn. I welcome any excuse to visit the place.


Two Shorten the Road said...

I was just looking for a link to send to an NYC-bound friend on how great the Brooklyn Inn is, and found your post. I was glad to hear the place won't be sold. However, what I'm taking away from this post is that you made a typo in the very sentence in which you corrected the grammar of Furlani. Heh.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

You're right. oops. Fixed it. Yours truly is the only copyeditor in Lost City.