26 October 2007

Marco Polo Not a Solo

It's been a while since the Fratelli Ravioli place on Court Street near President in Carroll Gardens gave up the ghost. The space remained vacant for months, but now there are stirring of activity and it looks like the address has been taken over by its next door neighbor, the Marco Polo Ristorante.

Marco Polo is one of those Italian restaurants were the food is comforting (if pricey), the service is friendly, the clientele is loyal and decor is vulgar, bordering on camp. Though it was founded only in 1983, it's a neighborhood icon and cherished by locals.

Owner Joe Chirico is expanding now. The Fratelli space now bears a sign that says "Marco Polo Take Out," with brick oven pizza and panini featured. Could be a good option for neighborhood folks who don't have the time to sit down for two hours, however pleasant.

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