26 October 2007

Old Sign Sighting

A new family-friendly chow house is opening at 81 Atlantic Street in Brooklyn. Called The Moxie Spot, it will sport a vast and vastly inexpensive menu of comfort foods from individual pizza and meatloaf to burgers and "ethnic dinner specials" (what are we, in Wisconsin?). I think they expect to host a lot of kiddie birthday parties.

But that's not what exciting about this place. What's exciting is that, in readying the building for use, the owners have stripped off the most recent sign and uncovered an old sign for "Hardware Krauser." That's what it says, not "Krauser Hardware." It's a metal sign, cream-colored, with dark brown letters. I'm guessing at least the first half of the last century. I can find out nothing about the store. If anyone out there remembered this shop, do write in.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you took a picture of this sign! Do you know if they are going to leave it be or cover it up again?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

My guess, Carol, is that they're going to cover it up again. The Moxie Spot doesn't strike me as an ironic place.

SoBNA said...

After doing some sleuthing, I found that the building was sold in 1982 by Benjamin Krauser.

It is listed as a Landmark Designation.

Anonymous said...

The sign actually extends to the right (behind the Animal hospital and chinese restaurant). The strange grammar and font sizing is because I believe it originally said something like "Hardware KRAUSERS Paints Tools Ship Parts"