27 October 2007

A Darker Shade of Brick

Most buildings in Cobble Hill are brownstones or handsome red-brick jobs. The squat, square thing at the northeast corner of Degraw and Henry Streets was always an exception. Aside from its stubby appearance, at some point it was coated in ghastly white brick. It looked like the DMV headquarters.

Well, work began on the structure a few months ago. It was hard to tell for a while what was going to happen to it, but lately piles of red bricks have appeared, and the white brick is being shaved off. It looks like their intention to correct the aesthetic mistakes of the past. It also looks like it's going to grow a story. But, as far as I'm concerned, they can have their extra height if they bring the building in harmony their its red-brick brothers.


Anonymous said...

Everything old, or that looks old is better? Wow, new/old bricks.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Not that simple, Old Timer. More like this: red bricks look better than white bricks (they just do), and once the building is clad in new red brick, it will look more like its older neighbors, which, yes, DO look better than newer buildings. Every little bit helps in easing the pain on our sore eyes.