17 October 2007

Fine Dining, Not Diners, Welcome on UES

For a long time I've wondered how those few diners on the Upper East Side—Gardenia, Three Guys, Viand, Soup Burg—survive in such a pricey neighborhood. The New York Observer answered my question today: They don't!

Gardenia, on Madison near 67th, closed at the end of the summer. Soup Burg (love that name) on 73rd closed last summer. Three Guys, at 75th, is theatened, according to the paper. Viand, at 78th, is still around, as is the New Amity, at 84th.

The wife is an art critic and, in our early days, these restaurants were a godsend when we visited the Met, Guggenheim and Whitney. We couldn't afford to eat anywhere else in the neighborhood! Regular New Yorkers and tourists visiting Museum Mile don't want to have to rely on Cafe Boulud for lunch.


Anonymous said...

Viand probably survives because if you order an omelette and a Coke you've just spent at least $15. But the food is good, I admit. The second Viand down in the 60s offers a surprise for customers: no bathroom! They send you across the street to Barney's if you are desperate. PS: You can always enter the Met and choose to pay a quarter to get in and go straight to their cafeteria.

Anonymous said...

there's still plenty of diners east of 3rd ave. gracie diner 86th/1st is the best. it's not surprising that any place on madison can't survive. you have to sell a lot of burgers & eggs to compete with the boutique next door selling dresses for $5000.