03 October 2007

New York Sanctioned Fussiness

The tiny Brooklyn Heights shop Two for the Pot, on Clinton near Atlantic, is treasured by its devotees for its careful and unusual selection of teas, coffees, brewing equipment, English foodstuffs and whatever other odd items that happen to appeal to the independently minded owner. Those devotees are often frustrated, however, as the store is erratic in its hours of operation. Stumbling by the door when the owner is accepting customers can feel like hitting the jackpot. But, then, that's part of the charm of the place.

There's a lot to occupy your mind on Two for the Pot's shelves. But nothing so amuses me as an antique scale that the owner keeps in a cubby hole on the right side of the store. It's a curio, but also a working appliance. As a sign behind it alerts us, it is inspected every year by whatever city or state official inspect such things, and is therefore accepted as a legal manner to conduct mercantile transactions in the way of weighed teas, coffees and spices.

But, because the scale's sense of balance is apparently so fragile, it may not be touched. If it was touched and sent out whack, the unimaginable would happen: it would be replaced by a digital scale! Horrors!

I poke fun, but I'm actually on the guy's side. I want him to keep and use the old thing. It's cool that he keeps it in service. And digital scales are kinda nasty. So, repeat after me: No Pepper Games!

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