04 October 2007

Old Guys Eating Soup at the Edison Cafe

It's what you want to see.

I certainly don't blame them for eating the soup. The old theatre hangout's matzo ball soup may be the best in the City. It's certainly my favorite. And it's served on plates that actually say Edison Hotel—no Fishs Eddy irony intended.

A sign near the cash register said that Harry and Frances Edelstein, owners of the place, are new grandparents. Frances herself, a woman of unknown age, was running the register, though she had to hold the receipt one inch from her eyes before she knew what to charge. Hopefully, she'll hang on until that grandkid can learn the ropes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy, is the Edison great. About the only thing with the old time atmosphere left in Time Square. I love their blintzes but the matzo brie is mushy.