30 October 2007

What I Like About H&H Bagels

H&H Bagels is one of the iconic bagel makers in the City. As such, they probably have had every opportunity to expand their business into a slick corporate empire. But they have not. Instead, they've stubbornly held on to their backward New York-centric ways.

Sure, they have two locations, and ship all over the world. But just pay a visit on the H&H anchor store on the Upper West Side. It's not sleek. There are no cute tables and chairs. You can't order espresso or smoothies and while the day away. It's a bagel store, period. And a homely one at that. There are tacky, electric chandeliers on the ceiling that make absolutely no sense in a bakery. A lot of droopy potted plants line the walls. And there are declasse vending machines for the kids. H&H has taken no design tips from Starbucks. Plus, their website is pretty darn rudimentary.

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