12 October 2007

Fantastic on Fulton

Great news today from Fulton Mall. (Seems like an oxymoron, I know.) The space formerly occupied by Gage & Tollner—ever to last in memory as one of the greatest restaurants to grace New York City—will be taken up by Amy Ruth's, the famous Harlem soul food palace.

So ban from your brain the horrid memories of TGI Friday's defiling of that address. A legitimate, respectable and good restaurant will soon live at 372-374 Fulton Street.

Opening date is expected to be soon, perhaps by the end of the year. While I'm a bit wary of a restaurant that, Carnegie Deli-like, names every item on the menu after a person, even the waffles (the "Rev. Al Sharpton" stack features chicken on the side), I'll take it. The place obviously brims with New York personality, and the food is good from what I hear (if not necessarily good for you). The prices are reasonable and likely to attract a crowd beyond Manhattanites who are going to attend something at BAM that evening.

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