12 October 2007

Central Park Police Station to Be Made Stable

City Room reports that New York will use a whopping $45 million to fix up the Gothic Brownstone Central Park Police Station at the 86th Street Traverse Road. This is welcome news, since the 19th century building is looking rather bedraggled.

According to City Room, "The Central Park Precinct station house was originally built in 1871 near the site of the park reservoir keeper’s house. For the next few decades, it was used as a horse stable. It was converted into a police station in 1936. In 2001, the city built a temporary metal building near the station, and the precinct moved in so the building that was a stable could be renovated."

The second floor apparently used to be a hayloft, which is kinda funny. Work will be done in 2010


Anonymous said...

I hope the renovations don't eliminate one of NYC's last remaining "wheelie" stoplights from the 1920s...


Anonymous said...

Wheelie stoplight is being restored.