14 October 2007

Misguided Loyalty

The New York Times ran an article today in the City Section about how the owner of the Gray's Papaya, the miniature hot dog chain in Manhattan, has papered its windows with posters encouraging Mayor Mike Bloomberg to run for President. He's a "superb manager" said Nicholas A.B. Gray, the proprietor of what is probably one of the more iconic and beloved local businesses in all of Gotham.

Such misplaced loyalty makes my rock back and forth with dismay. Doesn't Mr. Gray see what is going on around him? Doesn't he know that Bloomberg is as far from a friend to Gray's Papaya as can be found in the City's political universe? Mayor Mike's New York City has no room for the independently owned, idiosyncratic businesses epitomized by Gray's Papaya, a store that insists that hot dogs are best consumed with frothy, tropical fruit-based beverages. If Gray's Papaya's existence was ever threatened by a greedy landlord or an impending condo development, Mike wouldn't pause in his daily routine to issue it a "fare-the-well." And he'd welcome with open arms and an approving Darwinian mindset whatever bank or Starbucks was replacing Mr. Gray's wiener stands.

Mr. Gray, it's bad enough that Bloomberg is your Mayor. Don't wish him upon yourself as your President. Unless you're suicidal.

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