14 May 2009

Bensonhurst Bakery Changes Identity

On my last trip to Bensonhurst, I identified JC Bakery on 86th Street as a particularly wonderful example of an old-school bake shop. I biked by recently, however, and the name of the ancient place had changed to Pippo's. What happened? Anyone know?

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Unknown said...

You want to know what happend? The Italian community is no longer the same. If you really look at the block its full of Chinese Hair Salon and Nails and up the block there is another Bakery we couldn't compete. This is the bakers daughter and i got the baking in my blood so when we moved we went to Florida and opened up a little bake shop of Italian goodies. I grew up in Bensonhurst and the bakery was my home before I was even born. My family and I appreciate the comment, my mother and I started to cry haha but honestly I miss it and Brooklyn one day will see another Old School Bake but till then Bensonhurst needs to be patience. thank you from the Rosa Family :)