28 May 2009

Don't Ask Mayor Bloomberg About Term Limits

It's pretty clear now that Michael Bloomberg knows a good portion of the voting populace now loathe him for ramming his Tammany fist through the term limits law last fall just so he could stay sweet and powerful for another four years. The man does not like to talk about the subject, and will not answer any question concerning the matter. Which makes no sense, for how can anyone talk about Bloomberg the Candidate without talking about the term limit scandal. There is no Bloomberg the Candidate without the term limit scandal.

It's also quite clear that Bloomberg hates journalists. (Rotten little bastards: they're always asking probing questions!) When he's not browbeating disabled reporters for not moving quickly enough, he's labeling other writers "a disgrace." That's what he called PolitickerNY's Azi Paybarah, when the latter had the temerity to ask whether he had oversold the case for term limits being overturned.

It seems Bloomie was patting himself on the back recently because the city had received $32 million in federal stimulus money for job training. Appears he forgot that the reason he gave the world for needing to run for another term was that the economy was so bad that New York just needed him. Nobody else could do the job. But here's this $32 million. And Bloomberg says, of the economy, "I’m reasonably optimistic that we’ve turned the corner" on the recession.

Paybarah saw his cue, as a good reporter should. He asked, if we're so well off, what do we need you for anymore? This caused Mayor Mike to spew forth this piece of see-through sophistry: "The rationale for extending term limits is that the City Council passed it and the voters will have a chance on Nov. 3 to say what they want."

That's like a hunter holding a smoking gun saying, "The rationale for eating the deer is that it's dead."

Bloomberg then called the reporter a "disgrace." Oh, there was a disgrace in the room, but he wasn't the reporter. The reporter was a tribute to his profession. In any other reporter in town wants to prove themselves a credit to their publication and their city, they will ask Bloomberg about term limits every day until the election.

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Kevin Walsh said...

Thompson and Avella should cue the clip on all of their commercials (If Avella can even afford any w/o getting swamped by the Bloomberg media avalanche)