20 May 2009

Indy Record Shop in Park Slope to Close

Say goodbye to another shard of independent shopkeeping along Park Slope's Fifth Avenue.

The landlord of The Record and Tape Center, a shop which has sat near Ninth Street for 38 years (I blogged about it recently), is kicking old owner Tony Mignone, 73, to the curb. The loutish landowners are threatening to take the poor old guy to court if he's not out by May 31. Typical genteel landlord behavior. Something about owning property triggers the "thuggery" section of the brain.

If you want to tell the landlord what you think of his behavior, the family owns the Deli and Smoke Shop next door. Go inside and give them an earful—and then decline to buy anything. Ever. Again.

Geez, how long does Mignone have until he retired of his own free will? Let the guy stay a few more years and them close the place in dignity.


Rebecca Wilson said...

This is the saddest thing ever and totally ruined my day. History aside, I don't really care about Manny's closing (this is the cost of selling out to Sam Ash, Goldricks!), but the closing of the Record and Tape shop will leave a large hole in my life.

Luke Constantino said...

Alot of the old places here have closed thoughout the years. It seems like every area is going through a cycle right now. I blame the economic crisis we are in.

I don't know of any other shop like this, It is very rare.There are many stories like this happening right now.

Lounge said...

This sucks I love the place.
screw the deli, now the deli scares me.
check out this image of the record shop

Anonymous said...

It's sad when something venerable bites the dust ... but seriously, it's not as if this guy got kicked to the curb w/o notice. It was sometime last year that the landlord didn't renew his lease. Which means the guy's been sitting there insecurely for months, knowing that the landlord could give him a "begone in 30 days" notice at any time.

RWG said...

I've seen the letter Tony got from the landlord. It opened, "Dear John Doe." Regardless of wanting to turn the place into a gourmet sandwich shop or whatever, these people clearly have absolutely no respect for their neighbors, and I hope the whole neighborhood boycotts that dump of smoke shop. And I hope Tony finds another home for what's more like a museum than a record shop.