29 May 2009

Horrors! H&H Bagels Taken Down by the Tax Man

Sweet Mother of God, how can these things happen?!

Eater reports that the Tax Man has laid a knock-out punch on iconic Upper West Side institution H&H Bagels!!

At 10:15 am an official was posting a 'property seized for lack of payment of taxes' sign...bagels were piled high inside, employees inside, but store was closed by officials." A call to the main office confirms that not just one but both locations (the second is on West 46th St.) were shut down and they have "no idea" when they'll open again, but they're hoping to have it all smoothed out by this afternoon.

The "this afternoon" stuff is encouraging. Sort of. But how do things get to this point? Is H&H really that sloppy with its business dealings? Or, more likely, is the IRS desperate for cash in these hard times? Oh, there's going to be hell to pay if the Upper West Siders can't get their bagels on Sunday morning!

1 comment:

quin browne said...

omg. i can't live without my h&h when i'm in the city...

i must go wear black now, and grieve.