21 May 2009

Sorry Arby's, You Can't Desecrate Gage & Tollner, Sez Commission

Big surprise! The Arby's fast food chain had a really plan for the landmarked interior of Brooklyn's Gage & Toller restaurant.

Actual surpise! The Landmarks Commission actually rejected the lousy plan.

Wrote Brownstoner: "A majority (six) of the LPC commissioners voted to send the Arby's team back to the drawing board, taking particular exception to their plans for a light-colored floor and the size and structure of the booths and ordering counter; in addition, the commissioners didn't care for the proposed removal of a portion of the mirrored arcade and the addition of certain illuminated signs."

Here's betting that, rather than work a little harder and care a little more, Arby's says "Fuck it" and walks away from the deal.

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I admit I like Arby's curly fries said...

the problem is going to be that if it costs them a lot more to make the changes, it won't be worth it for them. Arby's is not a like a sit-down restaurant that can just increase prices to make up for it, it's Arbys, they have to keep the prices in line.