30 May 2009

Not the Eagle!

One of the best things about Jackson Heights, Queens, is the Eagle Theatre, an old single-screen movie theatre that, for many years, has been devoted to Bollywood films. The film house caters to the surrounding Indian population, but is popular with people of all cultures in the area.

Now, we learn from the AP, via Queens Crap, that the film industry strike in India has felled the good old Eagle. The Eagle traffics in first-run films, and the seven-year-old strike has played havoc with its schedule. The AP says the theatre is expected to reopen as soon as the strike in India ends.

Doesn't it seem sometimes that the mad desire for money brings to end all good things?


Unknown said...

I pass by this location all the time, I was wondering if the strike would swallow them up, I hope they hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Just think if the owners could
bend a little with their culture
they might show 2 fers as we have
on Turner Classic Movies.
With the trendy people of the new Astoria and LIC ,they might at least
make up their expenses.yes-no???