15 May 2009

A Good Sign: A to Z Luggage

This Borough Park business, on New Utrecht Avenue, is defunct. Steamer trunks!

Love the way they abbreviate "Manufacturers."


Anonymous said...

"We bought three apostrophes, and by god we're gonna use 'em!"

Anonymous said...

Could be a cleaned up abbreviation
for the word Mother F%#ker!

The place we live in was once
a factory for "Steamer baskets"
which were baskets for flowers
that would be delivered to departing Ocean boat Voyagers on the West side.
The loft had hundreds of hooks in the ceiling for the green painted baskets to dry perhaps they were only dipped
in green paint then hung to dry?

Well the fire alarm in the building
was put in in 1918 the original
paper certificate is still on the
fire box,what an era!