13 May 2009

The F Train's Mix-and-Match Seats

The old F trains (by "old," I mean the ones that were there before the new shiny R160s began to arrive) are undergoing a curious conversion. I walked into one last night and found a bizarre patchwork seating design. In some places, there were the usual dingy orange bucket seats. In other places, they had been replaced by sleek pale-blue modules, similar (maybe the same) as the ones found on the R160s.

What's going on here. Is the MTA slowly trying to make over the old trains as makeshift R160s? Is this their way of transforming the line into a uniform whole without the expense of replacing every old car with an R160? Will I see fewer and fewer orange seats every time I ride an F?


Bowery Boogie said...

I've also noticed lots of blue seats when riding the old F trains.

bigmissfrenchie said...

Yes I too have seen them. It's curious because only SOME of the seats in the car have been replaced. Despite having a wide butt, I am NOT a fan of bench seats and I am sorry that the new trains have them. People are just not well mannered enough to manage bench seating.