07 May 2009

Old Respects Old

I was buying myself a piece of milk chocolate almond bank from Li-Lac Chocolates—the grand old candy shop that moved itself from Christopher to Eighth Avenue and Jane Street a few years ago—when I looked up and noticed that Li-Lac had not bothered to remove the old neon Delicatessen sign that hung on the building prior to their moving in.

Very likely, this is because it would be too costly to take it down. Or because the owner of the building, not Li-Lac, has jurisdiction over such a decision. But it's nice to imagine an old business like Li-Lac might appreciate the leftover appendages of a previous store.

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Signed D.C. said...

The original Li-Lac was on CHRISTOPHER, not Bleecker! 120 Christopher according to their site. For many years my dad worked for a small trucking company whose garage was at the foot of Christopher...needless to say I consumed way more than my share of Li-Lac's milk-chocolate break-up in my time!