06 May 2009

Don't Try Pulling That "I'm a Friend or Relative of Jim" Con at the White Horse

A curious sign is taped to the mirror behind the bar at Greenwich Village's historic White Horse Tavern.

No, not the one that says you have to be 25 to enter, though that's odd enough. (Of legal drinking age? Tough! Come back in four years.) Or the one that says intoxicated persons will not be served. (Do they stop taking orders from customers after a person has had two beers?)

Rather, the one that says, "To all employees: Jim has no friends or family. Be suspicious of anyone claiming otherwise."

The bartender wouldn't explain the note. He only said, "Nobody misses that sign!" He then took an order from a waitress and said, "Jesus! Who orders Bloody Marys at night!?"


EV Grieve said...

I like these bar mysteries... easy to create a whole backstory.

I remember someone trying to order a Bloody Mary at the Library one evening, and Vicky the bartender said, "Nope -- drinking Bloody Mary's at night is tacky."

Jill said...

I got kicked out of there once, I was under 25 and making out with a stranger. They didn't like that. Out on my ass for being a slut.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Well, Jill, I think I might have done the same and kicked you out, too. On the other hand, I kind of like you more now for having learned this story. Priceless New York behavior.