20 May 2009

Painted Target Ad Painted Over

One day there's a handpainted Target on the side of a neighborhood store. The next day there's a big red rectangle.

The quasi-folksy ad, the creation of which I documented last month, is gone. It was there on Hicks Street near Union last night. This morning, it had vanished. Apparently, Target only rented the wall for a month. Once the month was up, the landlord of the building got out his bucket of barn-red paint and obliterated the thing. Must have done it by the light of the moon.

Here's the thing: That ad took about four days to paint, and wasn't completed until April 23. Today is May 20. The only way that works out as a month is if the landlord was counting the rented month from the very first day the painter set up his ladder.

Target: you have met your match in tight-fisted stinginess.

UPDATE: EV Grieve reports that the same thing has happened to the Target ad in the East Village.

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EV Grieve said...

Hi Brooks,

Same thing happened to the Target ad on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place... I, too, expected the ads to be up a little longer than that...

I'll link your post to mine....