26 May 2009

P & G Alive and Well in New Space

NY Barfly informs us that the P&G Cafe, which was forced to flee its longtime nesting ground at 73rd and Amsterdam earlier this year due to a rent increase, has successfully transplanted itself to 78th and Columbus.

The new digs on 78th and Columbus (in the old Evelyn Lounge space) are at least 3 times the size of the former haunt. The setup is not only an improvement of the old P&G; it’s a new bar altogether. They kept the dive spirit very much alive in the transfer, but still managed to spruce things up a bit. The space comes equipped with two pool tables, a small stage for live comedy and music, and a kitchen (soon to open). Their iconic old bar now serves as a shelf in one of the billiard rooms. If crusty old bars could talk.

What's more, the iconic signs are on their way back! How's that for good news?

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