09 July 2009

Basil Thief Post Inspired Dozens of Bad Jokes

Brownstoner picked up my recent post about a Carroll Gardens basil thief this morning. Now, I know that the venerable Brooklyn blog regularly attracts many comments--but 120! About basil?!

For some reason, many of the comments have taken the form of bad puns. I guess the topic is so inherently ridiculous, this is to be expected. But there are so many. Here's a sampling of the worst.

Set a trap and "Pesto" your problems will be over.

Part of a larger scheme, or just a capresious act? Anyway, they should leave it alone next thyme.

In that hood it might well be an oreganosed crime syndicate.

sage advise from slopefarm.

but what is really at the root of this problem?

Pinching the top leaves does produce a fuller bush.

Basilly, I don't care.

Is it safe to cumin to this conversation?

Only if you want to curry favor, Biff.

Is anyone going to Scarborough Fair this eeekend???

This thread is allspice now.
Its driving me nutmeg.

Back to the security issue, we'd better cardamom off the area, before any more unsuspecting herbs are, ah, salted. Anyway, you know what I mint.

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