16 July 2009

Belltower of Columbia Street Not Only Ugly, But Self-Important

Having overcome a previous setback in which the community challenged the legality of its strange, medieval structure, the Belltower of Columbia Street has chugged along toward completion. The two-story tower at the top of the thing—which, it turns out, is actually an elevator shaft to house a fancy glass elevator, to be used by the buildings residents—is now wholly covered in brick.

What's more, it now bears a stone plaque, engraved with a large "V" and the dating "Est. MMVIII." Roman numerals! So the creators of this monstrosity are not only vulgarians, but pompous as well. (They also got the date wrong, obviously having ordered the plaque early on, when they thought the building would be completed last year.)


Anonymous said...

It's like a mini "finger" building

Jeff said...

it actually reminds me of the smokestack from a factory.

also it may seem silly now but i'd like to see more buildings put up cornerstones with their construction dates like they used to.

Anonymous said...

The whole city will look like this
a hodge podge of anything goes no
aesthetic architecture.
Wish we had a commission to oversee
building designs.