21 July 2009

My Favorite New Word


As in the blight of unfinished and unoccupied condo complexes littering Bloomberg's New York in the wake of the Great Recession.

And the building goes on! Writes Miss Heather, reacting to a NY1 story: "As if this was not depressing enough this tome goes on to say that despite this glut of over-priced King’s crap, the building continues. It is projected 5,200 more luxury apartments will find their way onto the market in 2010. Clearly the cardinal rule of how to get out of a hole (stop digging) has been lost on these people."

Tony Avella: Start using it. "Bloomblight." Work it into every speech and press release.


Miss Heather said...

Happy to give you a new piece of post real estate boom terminology to play with! I'm not too sure where I picked it up--- but it should be known this term was not my invention. I wish it was. ;)

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Whoever invented it was a genius. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.