30 July 2009

Your Choice

Tony Avella, whose priorities cause him to make sure he's doing his job as a councilman first before he spends time campaigning for mayor; who turned down an official parking pass because they smack of politics as usual; who thinks New York should be a haven for small businesses, not large developers; and who is still blasting City Council members for overturning term limits?

Or Michael Bloomberg, who spends millions and yet manages to lose support; instructs his puppet City Council to kill Coney Island; solves the growing homeless problem by buying indigent families one-way bus tickets; and is so power-mad and anti-Democracy he might already be thinking of a fourth term?

Think about your vote this fall.


Queens Crapper said...

No, no! Think about your vote this summer. Primary Day is September 15th!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I course, I meant summer. I just think of September as fall. Always have. Sorry.

Johnny Vandal said...

Well said sir! Although I can't vote in this upcoming election because I reside in Long Island--- I no longer find a trip to NYC as magical as it once was. Years ago, I was a working musician and played many of the clubs (CBGBS, HURRAHS, TRAX etc). To see how Bloomberg has forced the artistic community to live a shadow existence in deference to his recreation of the New York Disney Experience is a living nightmare.