22 July 2009

Varick Eatery

Varick Eatery. Don't know when this Village entity came along, but: like the stark, red-brick look; like the punchy name. Like it!

I use the word "eatery" all the time in posts. This is the first time I've ever seen a business refer to itself by that slangy name, though.


David Dust said...

There is a restaurant named "eatery" (all lower-case) across the street from my building on 9th Avenue. It used to be a charming, grungy diner called The Money Tree - but now it's an "upscale" ... uh ... EATERY.

BTW, I LOVE your blog. I moved to NYC in the early 90's, and I'm really starting to miss some of the old establishments that have disappeared since I arrived.

Ken Mac said...

Haldoun in my building opened this joint. Great paninis!