23 July 2009

What Your Mayor Is Up To

Calling himself a "green" mayor while letting his SUV idle for hours on end all over the City, because it's an "emergency vehicle." [AP, via Queens Crap]

Being taken to task by the Village Voice for the Deutsche Bank scandal. "Even Bloomberg's Department of Investigations (DOI) found last month, in a report barely noticed by the press, that it was a case of death by official dereliction." [VV]

Spending $72,000 on yogurt to fuel his third-term troops. [City Room]

Putting crap lawnchairs that fall apart in Times Square. [CBS]

1 comment:

bigmissfrenchie said...

I hate that guy. I will vote for anyone who runs against him. A-N-Y-O-N-E (well, except Marty Markowitz, who I hate even more)