06 July 2009

New Painted Ad Covers Old Painted Ads

The faded ad crowd went ga-ga last year when these two old hand-painted jobbies appeared on the side of a building on W. 32nd near Broadway. Forgotten New York, citing Walter Grutchfield, explained: "Protective Ventilator is more or less definitely 1910. The one above (Alliance Press?) is probably slightly older. The Manhattan telephone directory has Alliance Press at 114 W. 32nd St. in 1907. They were printers, but seem to have been founded by the Rev. Albert B. Simpson. Both he and a couple of colleagues lived in Nyack, N.Y."

A couple months ago, the wall was taken over by another ad, also painted, for Jack's discount store. Not an unappealing ad, if you ask me. Bold colors. Simple, but engaging imagery. The painters made an interest made an interesting choice, though, by not painting over the two old ads completely, but just painting over the half of them that got in the way. Kind of makes the old ads cooler, and more mysterious. Kind of.


BrooksNYC said...

Agreed — as new ads go, the Jack's ad is nice.

But couldn't they have found another wall to paint? Why obliterate two really cool hundred-year-old ads?

Oh, what am I saying.....

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Hello, BrooksNYC. Are we related?

BrooksNYC said...

Intimately related — I'm one of your multiple personalities! Do you not recognize me? Must be this new haircut.


P.S. I enjoy your blog.

KSx said...

I was sad to realize last week that the construction there likely means the Jack's ad is doomed to be covered.

Then we will have to wait for whatever eyesore goes up to come down before seeing it again.