22 July 2009

What's New With Chumley's?

Absolutely nothing. Unless you count the odd bit of netting which is now draped like a canopy over the long-suffering construction site of the all-but-dead-and-buried former speakeasy. Otherwise, progress on the rebuild is at the same standstill is was three months ago.

There are also some gaps in the plywood now, so I was able to fetch the below shot of the inside.


hollarback said...

This is just criminal. So damn sad.

Nesta said...

SOMEONE must know wtf is going on! ARGHHH.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Chumley Sauce. Served in the 60's and 70's it was served over beef and was the best. I'd love to get the recipe. This landmark must reopen.

Unknown said...

Errrr, can't believe its still not open!!

Tonight 1/28/10, J. D. Salinger has died. Wanted to lay my "Catcher in the Rye" book by the door, light a candle, and raise a glass, or two, or three. A literary giant has passed and Chumley's is the only fitting place to drink and have a send off.