17 July 2009

Hey, Mr. Monteleone. Where's Mr. Cammerari?

Does anyone know what happened at the bakery hitherto known, since it's grand reopening in early 2007, as Monteleone & Cammareri Bakery & Cafe. Sometime recently, in the quiet of night, the red sign was switched to one that only lists the Monteleone name. (See above.)

Of course, the space previously belonged only to Monteleone, which has been in the neighborhood since 1902, when it was founded on Columbia Street by Harry and Frank Monteleone. Somewhere along the way, the brothers took on two unrelated partners, moved to Court Street and passed away.

Monteleone closed up shop in 2006. But they teamed up with another name from the past, Cammareri (of "Moonstruck" fame and formerly on Henry Street) and came back. Cammareri closed up its storefront sometime around 2000 but still survived in a wholesale fashion.

Anyway, Cammareri ain't around no mo'. See the new sign below.

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