16 July 2009

Huge B61 Bus News

Earth-shaking news regarding the infamous bus known as the B61!

Word has come through Craig Hammerman, through the Word on Columbia Street blog:

"After much consideration, NYC Transit has finally agreed to split the B61 into 2 routes -- one from Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn, and one from Downtown Brooklyn into Long Island City, Queens (which would become a new B62 route). This move is intended to improve the reliability and timeliness of the B61 route, particularly as it serves our district.

The change would go into effect in January 2010, assuming it receives approval of the MTA Board which it is scheduled to come before later this month. We should be receiving our formal letter from NYC Transit within the next week."

Could it be that Brooklyn's worst bus line is about to enter a new era of improved service? Doubtful. But it's got to get better than it is now!


justin said...

Does this mean I would have to change buses to get from Red Hook to my apartment in Clinton Hill? I guess I could live with that if it means more buses in total. As it is, basically the entire bus gets off and a new busload gets on at Jay Street anyway, so you're sitting there for five minutes. Wouldn't be so hard to get off and hop on a different bus. Presumably Jay St. would be the split.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

As my favorite and most often used bus, I am excited about this change. I am hoping this will mean they run more frequently and have a better chance of keep on schedule with this split route. But this is the MTA. I think I'm asking way too much here... Thanks for the exciting news, Brooks!

Carol Gardens said...

Yeah! I always wondered why they didn't do this years ago!