31 July 2009

Rat-Squirrel Update: Plywood and Cinder Blocks

Squirrels, you'll have to find another flophouse.

149 Kane Street, the infamous wreck of a landmark that was raided two days ago by city officials, is being sealed up like a drum today. And not just the door, which was smashed down by the authorities, but every single window. By the end of the day, every opening will be covered with new plywood. Additionally, workman were handing cinder blocks through the first floor window. I assume this means the plywood with the fortified by a wall of cement, ensuring no more squatters ever find their way inside again.

I approached the head workman and asked if I might take a quick look inside. He said there was nothing to see, "just garbage." (I seriously doubted that.) I took a good gander through the wide open window closest to the door, however, and spotted a battered old wardrobe, and a chandelier hanging from a tin ceiling. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they found a lost original copy of the Declaration of Independence in there.

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