13 July 2009

Joe Jr. Before It Was Joe Jr.

I happened upon an item in an old August 1937 edition of the New York Times:

Jacob Kaufman and his wife, Ida, proprietors of a pharmacy at 482 Sixth Avenue, were held in $10,000 bail each yesterday by Magistrate Ford in Felony Court on a charge of suspicion of grand larceny after Irving Mendelson, Assistant District Attorney, declared they had been connected by the police with four men accused of having stolen jewelry and clothing from women.

That's the address of Joe Jr., the longstanding diner that closed for good recently. The Pharmacy was called Kay Laboratories.


Mykola Dementiuk said...

Yeah but it must of looked a hell of alot different in 1937, speakeasy on the edge of WW2.

Anonymous said...

That photo is so cool,looks like
a Hopper(not Dennis) painting.
Did you shoot that?

Mike of Tin Pan Alley